Air Resource Specialists, Inc.


Digital Imaging Systems

Since 1998 Air Resource Specialists (ARS) has been designing, manufacturing, installing, and supporting digital imaging systems for air quality monitoring. ARS' expertise will help determine the best approach to capture, transmit, archive, and display digital images and data for monitoring applications, interpretive displays, and Web displays. From our standard systems to fully customized configurations, ARS works effectively with its clients to meet individual requirements.

ARS' digital imaging systems use a variety of camera types, including high resolution (up to 18 mega-pixel) digital still cameras for high quality scenic captures and digital time-lapse cameras for event monitoring. ARS' systems use high quality lenses to capture images rich in detail and with superior color fidelity.

ARS' digital imaging systems are deployed in national, regional, and local monitoring networks nationwide.



While each system is typically customized for installation and operation at a specific location, all systems share a common set of features:

  • Up to 18 mega-pixel image capture at
    up to 1-minute intervals.
  • NEMA-4 enclosure and wide temperature range operation for indoor or outdoor operation.
  • Windows operating system and custom software for camera control and image handling.
  • Operation from line or 12/24 volt DC power. Optimized power management for solar/battery configurations.
  • Support for a variety of Internet connections including wired LAN/WAN, wireless, cellular, and satellite.
  • Wide variety of mounting options, including tower, building parapet, rooftop, ground, railing, wall, and others.
  • Zoom and wide angle lenses for urban and rural monitoring scenarios.
  • JPEG2000 image compression for high quality at low file sizes.
  • Installations and maintenance by on site staff.

Web Site Services

ARS designs, hosts, and supports national and regional digital image-based Web sites that use ARS digital imaging systems:

With an increasing desire to raise public awareness and support decision-making related to air quality issues, ARS can provide clear and concise real-time information from air quality monitors.

  • High-resolution still-frame digital images of meaningful scenic vistas provide the centerpiece of Web pages and visibility displays.
  • In addition to the high quality digital image, related air quality data such as visual range, ozone concentration, fine particle concentration, and meteorology are often integrated into the Web pages and visibility displays.