Air Resource Specialists, Inc.


Data Analysis & Interpretation

Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) provides comprehensive air quality data analysis applications and research projects for its clients, including technical and policy support of regional planning organizations at all levels.

Strongly committed to high quality data analysis, ARS maintains an information and data management center to perform computer-aided interactive data collection, validation, analyses, and reporting functions. From this foundation, ARS builds custom analytical tools and reports, project databases, and Web sites to meet clients' needs.

Staff scientists at ARS have expertise in:

  • Comprehensive data analyses and interpretation required for implementation of the Regional Haze Rule.
  • Web site and tool design for managing and analyzing monitoring, modeling, and emissions inventory data sets.
  • Database development (full range from Access to Oracle) with the option of interactive Web-based data retrieval and analysis.
  • Criteria pollutant NAAQS analysis and submittal to EPA's AQS and AIRNow data warehouses.
  • Computer image simulations of visibility impairment.
  • Air quality modeling and interpretation, including transport and dispersion analyses.
  • Sensitivity, back trajectory, area of influence, and event analyses.
  • Monitoring network assessments.
  • Special studies research.

See our Data Analysis and Research and Regional Planning Organization Support brochures for more information about air our data analysis and interpretation capabilities.

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Air Resource Specialists, Inc. was awarded GSA Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0046U in November 2007.

Regulatory and research monitoring (air quality, visibility, and meteorology) services can also be contracted by authorized federal agencies under Special Item Number (SIN) 899-1.

See our GSA Advantage Catalog or contact ARS  for details.