Air Resource Specialists, Inc.


Atmospheric Modeling

Air Resource Specialists' (ARS') expertise covers a broad range of modeling and NEPA planning applications to project the impacts of existing or proposed source emissions. Services provided in this area include:

  • Clean Air Act construction, operating, and PSD permits.
  • EIS and regional assessments of multiple source impacts.
  • Emission calculations and air emissions inventories.
  • Air dispersion modeling of long range impacts.
  • Evaluation of multiple NEPA development scenarios.

ARS staff scientists are also involved in the development and implementation of visibility and air quality-related computer modeling techniques, including:

  • Visibility-related radiative transfer modeling.
  • Computer image simulation of visibility degradation.
  • Visual perception models.
  • Back trajectory models.
  • Air quality transport and dispersion modeling of stationary and mobile emission sources to determine compliance with NAAQS, PSD increment limits, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Model comparison, testing, and evaluation.
  • Model installation, modification, documentation, and training.
  • Algorithm development.
  • Integration of monitoring results with modeling applications.

ARS has been an integral developer of the NPS-sponsored WinHaze program used extensively to generate image simulations of visibility degradation. Visibility modeling has been applied to support congressional hearings, special studies, and a broad range of regulatory, research, and experimental applications.

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Air Resource Specialists, Inc. was awarded GSA Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0046U in November 2007.

Regulatory and research monitoring (air quality, visibility, and meteorology) services can also be contracted by authorized federal agencies under Special Item Number (SIN) 899-1.

See our GSA Advantage Catalog or contact ARS  for details.