Air Resource Specialists, Inc.


Air Quality and Meteorology Monitoring

Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) is a leader in ambient air pollution and meteorological monitoring. ARS designs, installs, maintains, and supports monitoring networks that meet a full range of regulatory and research requirements for traditional and special purpose monitoring.

Experienced, professional scientists are ready to assist you in determining the right approach for your gaseous, air toxics and hazardous air pollutant, meteorology, visibility, or digital image monitoring needs.

ARS has specific expertise in:

  • Design, fabrication, and turnkey installation services for criteria pollutant, visibility, meteorological, and digital imaging monitoring systems.
  • Operator training and support.
  • Installation, maintenance, and operation of remote, mobile, and/or portable monitoring systems.
  • Integration of monitoring results with modeling applications.
  • Data collection, database management, processing, analysis, graphics, archive, and reporting capabilities.
  • Quality assurance services, including systems and performance audits.
  • Development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other QA/QC documents.

See our monitoring brochures for more information about our air quality and meteorology monitoring services.

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Air Resource Specialists, Inc. was awarded GSA Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0046U in November 2007.

Regulatory and research monitoring (air quality, visibility, and meteorology) services can also be contracted by authorized federal agencies under Special Item Number (SIN) 899-1.

See our GSA Advantage Catalog or contact ARS for details.